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Smoking and E-Cigarettes Policy

Due to complaints received in the past few months regarding E-Cigs and use within the club premises, it has been necessary to review the Club policy on smoking and E-Cigs use.  After considering much medical, legal, Health & Safety advice and guidance it is inconclusive if E-Cigs can cause health problems or not.    What we do know is the following:

  • E-cigarettes are due to be made illegal in Wales and Scotland for enclosed spaces in 2017. This may well spread across the whole UK anyway.  There must be sufficient risk to warrant this.
  • There is no conclusive medical decision on whether or not the vapour is harmful for passive ‘smokers’. However it is not worth the risk that it may cause harm.
  • The act of smoking an e-cigarette indoors is not helpful to ex-smokers who may be or have given up.
  • We may get further grievances from people around e-smoking if allowed in the golf club, especially from pregnant ladies, parents or juniors who may object to being at risk in particular.
  • The negative image that the smoking of E-Cigs may have on members/customers etc.
  • We cannot force e-smokers to use the smoking shelters provided as they may have concerns re. passive smoking, especially if they are using the e-cigarette as an aid to giving up (although again, there appears to be no evidence of them being a successful aid)
  • There was a small issue with exploding e-cigarettes, although this seems to have come and gone

Heysham has a duty of care to its members, employees and junior members in regards to protection from passive smoking.  Heysham Golf Club already has a smoking policy which applies to all types of smoking, however it has been necessary to introduce an E-Cigs addition to that policy.  This policy will take effect from 1 Nov 16 and be implemented until sufficient evidence is available to review this policy.

Heysham Golf Club Smoking Policy       

Smoking is not permitted in any office, work place, reception or other room.  At Heysham Golf Club there will be a designated smoking area.  This applies to all types of smoking.

However for the avoidance of doubt e-cigarettes and vaporisers are prohibited from use inside all Heysham Golf Club premises.  Smoking shelters are provided and can be used.  Should you not wish to use these as an e-smoker then all open spaces adjacent to the Club may be used apart form the patio area. 

Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action being taken.

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