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Dear Members

The spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world has raised concerns for everyone in these trying times. Heysham Golf Club recognises that the number one priority during these times is the well-being of our staff and members. We want you to know that your health and safety will remain our top priority as this situation continues to evolve. However you are also responsible for your own Health and Safety and the Health and Safety of others around you.

We know that everyone is anxious and excited to play golf, and we are happy to invite you back to Heysham Golf Club. However, we ask that all of our members thoroughly read, understand, and follow and respect our COVID-19 protocols and any additional course specific protocols you may encounter.

Golf provides the members with a place for outdoor exercise and much needed positive mental health stimulation during this difficult time. Physical distancing can be easily achieved throughout the golf course and we ask that you please respect all golfers and workers around you. We are happy to invest in the new adaptations so that we can bring a safe outdoor activity for all the members

In order to permit members to play golf we have to put the following guidelines in place, and ask the members adhere to them at all times. I have completed a full risk assessment covering the course, practice areas, and the club house including the locker rooms.

Sanitising stations are in place in various parts of the club including the course. I ask you all to use these when you are in these areas of the club. Your hands must be sanitised prior to opening any doors etc. All members are responsible for their own health and safety and of others around them. I ask members to carry their own sanitising wipes, and gel.  No social gatherings are permitted on any part of the golf course, car park etc. If social gatherings are taking place, we may be forced to close the course etc.

Lockers. The lockers will be closed to all members until further notice. If any members have golf clubs in their lockers, they can collect them at the following times. Wednesday 13th May 2020 7.30am to 11am and 5pm to 6pm.   

Tee Times

Do not come to the club for a round of golf unless you have booked a tee time via IG.  Tee times are available from 7.30am each morning. On the following dates only 9 holes can be played (Scott will be emailing members providing further info) 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. On the 18th May members will be able to book for 18 holes as normal. 

Juniors age up to 18 years old. Juniors are only permitted to play if they are accompanied by an adult .

Arriving at the club. Unless you intend to practice prior to a round of golf, please do not arrive at the club until 10 minutes before your tee time. Park your car in such a way to facilitate social distancing. Travel to the course on your own unless you are with a family member.  Members with colds or symptoms of COVID-19 are to stay away from the club.

Sanitising stations are situated in the following areas

Blow off area for trollies and shoes, fixed to the wall

In front of the shop, this is a portable station

Short game practice area.

Driving range fixed at the entrance

Halfway house toilets

Halfway house



Toilets. We will open the visitor’s toilets. This facility is only open to wash your hands. Both toilets at halfway house will be open. Plans are in place to ensure these are cleaned regularly during the day. One in one out at all times.  If you are using these facilities, you must apply hand sanitiser to your hands prior to entering. This will be reviewed on a regular basis and members will be informed of any changes.

Trolley storage. We are keeping this open for the time being, however, it is strictly one in one out. Sanitise your hands prior to entry, and do not touch any other trollies or batteries that are stored in there

Members single seater buggies in the storage container. If you own one of these do not touch any of the other single seaters that are stored in there. If you require assistance in getting your buggy out please speak to the shop staff, or another able golf member. Sanitise your hands prior to entry.

Buggies. These are not for hire until further notice. However, you can hire the pull along trollies from the shop. These will be fully sanitised prior to use.

Shop. Only 2 members in at anyone time, when they are permitted to open. Before entering the shop apply hand sanitisers to your hands if you have not done previously. Please avoid touching clothing etc unless you are buying these items. The shop staff will be cleaning, sanitising the shop on a regular basis. A screen will be erected in front of the till to provide protection to the staff, and members. When collecting competition cards please collect you’re playing partners card. If any 3 balls are allowed you must sort out prior to entering the shop which one you are collecting. The comps committee will confirm where to put them at the end of your game. Ronnie will be checking the cards in the comps office the following day. A safe working procedure has been put in place to keep Ron safe.

Tee off time 1st   Social distancing must be adhered to at all times in this area when waiting to tee off. Arrive at your first tee no more than 5 minutes before your tee time.  

Practice areas, Callaway short game area x2, putting green, chipping, and practice nets by the 1st Tee. All flags have been removed until further notice, the holes will be filled in with sand, until further notice. If you want to have a target to aim for place a tee in the ground. A tube of balls can be collected from the shop for the Callaway short game area, these are sanitised when you collect them and will be sanitised when you return them. We can only allow 3 members on the short chipping area, and 2 on the longer chipping area, 100,75,50,25. The pro shop will manage these areas. Do not go on these areas using your own balls, this would make it hard for the pro shop to manage the numbers. The pro shop may not be open however, Trev and Ryan will be on site to issue tubes of balls and any tokens for the driving range. No golf balls are available after 6pm for the practice area and the driving range. 

Driving Range.  Only 5 members in this area at anyone time. There will only be 5 bays open. When you turn up ask the shop staff how many people are down at the range, if there are 5 you will have to wait for one of them to return before you can go down. Baskets will be sanitised before and after. The token area will be sanitised by the shop.

Lessons, club fitting etc. Trevor is managing the health and safety as part of his business when they are permitted to open.

Greens. Members may be wondering how we are managing health and safety in this area. Greens staff arrive for work at staggered times, they have their breaks at separate times. They have sanitising products provided, and safe systems of work are in place for them.

Course. Ball cleaners are covered over, bins are in use, and any bins with lids on will be propped open, or the lid will be removed. To reduce the amount of times the green staff have to empty these bins, it would be helpful if you could take home your rubbish home. Benches remain on the course, however my advice would be not to use them and, if you do please ensure you have wipes on you to wipe the bench down, prior to you sitting down and when you have got up.

Bunkers rakes have been removed until further notice. The greens staff will be raking them during the day, however if your ball lands in a bunker please smooth the sand with your foot or a club, do not leave foot prints in the bunker this is not fair to other members who may be following you. If the bunker situation changes, we will inform you asap.  

When you are playing golf please avoid slow play at all times, as this will just result in a backup of members on a hole/s. If you experience slow play, and the team/player in front is on your next tee do not walk over to the tee, find a safe place to stand away from others.   If you lose your ball and you find another whilst searching, do not pick the stray ball up, for the cost of a ball it is just not worth it. We have some members who like to go round the course looking for balls, this practice is now banned.

The flags on the greens of course will remain. A product that looks the same as pipe insulation will be placed in the holes as per pic. This will not affect your shot, once your ball is in the hole pick it out and walk away, please do not touch  the pole at any time, if you do touch the pole please wipe with sanitiser wipes.

When you have finished your round please do not shake hands as etiquette states. Leave the course keeping to social distancing. Go straight to your car and leave the club, no social gatherings are permitted in the car park or anywhere else within the club. 

When walking up the pathway from the 18th do not touch the handrails. If you struggle to walk up the pathway from the 18th, walk back round to the 9th and use this pathway, observing social distancing.    

Cleaning shoes, trollies. This facility is not in use until further notice.

If you have any concerns with regards to contracting COVID-19 at the golf club, you must make the decision to stay away.

Enjoy your golf and stay safe

Any questions please contact me


Andy Tomlinson

Health and Safety Director


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