Heysham Golf Club

Medical Suspension Policy


The Heysham Golf Club suspension policy will come into effect as of the 1st August 2020


To offer a golf suspension policy that is fair to all golf members and to ensure that no members are treated differently to anyone else.
To show a degree of due diligence to injuries /illness.

Outline of Terms and Conditions

  1. Suspension will only be considered for a significant medical condition.
  2. Suspension requests must be accompanied by a note from the doctor, without this document the suspension request will not proceed.
  3. The club will require documentation to confirm the member is fit to play golf on their return.
  4. All suspension requests must be either e mailed to the secretary or by letter to the secretary for discussion at the board.
  5. No verbal suspension requests will be processed.
  6. The suspension will be discussed at the board and the decision will be relayed to the individual by e mail from the secretary
  7. I G will be updated on 1. receipt of the request, 2. discussion at the board and finally 3. the decision from the board. This will ensure a robust audit trail going forward. The request and the doctor’s certificate will be filed in the suspension request file.
  8. We will not backdate suspension requests retrospectively.
  9. If a member suspends their membership, they will forgo any golf competitions and bookings into forthcoming golf competitions during the months of suspension.
  10. Members who pay their annual membership fee in a pre-paid format or by standing order can suspend membership for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months.
  11. Members who have paid in full will have their subs amended in the next financial year.
  12. Members who pay by standing order will  carry on with their  payments in the current financial year and their subs will be amended in the next financial year.
  13. We will not refund any monies paid.

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